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Amandine is a multipurpose bot that can help you create and manage your discord servers.

😉 You are lookig for a bot that does more than multipurpose ?

I introduce you Amandine!

Amandine was made for you :

NEW : An advent calendar event is running, feel free to add the bot and join the server for cool rewards

⛔ Dozens of administrative, moderation and anti-raid commands, to manage your server *just right*.
🌞 Games commands for your members to have fun !
⚙️ Fully configurable and deconfigurable features !
🖼️ A good quality image generation API !
💸 Roleplay to work, steal your opponents and more !
🎉 A complete and fully functional and configurable giveaway system.
😏 NSFW images, for the naughty ones ... (requires an NSFW lounge)
🔗A fully working invitations and rank reward system TRY IT OUT !!!

So ! Convinced ? Add amandine to your server you will not regret it.

All the comment, good or bad a appreciated