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We make safety our priority! Anti Raid, Anti Selfbot, Antispam, Antiraid, Blacklist, protection roles and channels. Our Captcha is ANTIVPN / PROXY!

What is Protect?


Protect is a Discord bot whose design started on 08/25/2019. Its main developer is deadfire, it is also the owner. We are French but our SUPPORT and our bot is INTERNATIONAL

What is our goal?

The primary objective of Protect is to ensure the security of Discord on which it is located through different modules that each owner of Discord can decide to activate or deactivate. As we well know, nowadays the number of Discord attacks has been greatly multiplied and many servers are losing all their ranks / channels, thus ruining the community formed.

How to use ?

The different modules:

Module - Lang

We offer the possibility to users to choose their own languages to Protect easier your server !

Module - Maintenance

Allows to block the arrival of all new users (very effective in case of RAID)

Module - Captcha

Protect yourself from double accounts and raids thanks to our Captcha system with an integrated Anti-VPN.

Module - Cat

Allows you to block the sending of messages on your server (except for people with administrator permission)

Module - Autoban

Automatically ban anyone who we consider malicious who wishes to join your server.

Module - AntiSpam

Automatically kick anyone who sends more than 4 messages in less than 5 seconds.

Module - RAID

This module when active, protects all your channels / categories / roles! Indeed when deleting a channel / role / category the bot recreated it with the same configurations, the same name, same position, and etc. However for a role we unfortunately cannot automatically deliver the users, and in the case of a channel we cannot recover the textual content which it contained. To date, we are the only bot offering such protection!

Join us !

Website: https://www.protect-bot.fr

Bot support discord: https://discord.gg/5C8Bg8CeMf

Invite bot: https://discordapp.com/api/oauth2/authorize?client_id=614755681936867328&permissions=474475735&scope=bot



  • Arbomette Arbomette#8961 22 sept. 2021 à 17:45

    Très bon bot, mon serveur a été raid, et protect à ban les personnes. Qui ont spam et également à supprimer tous les salons que les personnes ont tenté de créer. Avec un staff très réactif et superbe je recommande PROTECT !