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PYS Bump

PYS Bump

Prefix: db!

Tags: #Fun #Social

PYS Bump - A Bot To Bump Your Sever!

![Banner](https://i.postimg.cc/t4cm2nN7/banner.png) # PYS Bump | A Bot For Your Server **PYS Bump** a bot for your needs! A bump bot made and updated by **Promote Your Servers**, along with a group of **developers** that help to maintain and upgrade the bot! Premium as well as normal features are available within the bot. Have a **feedback** send them in using the commands available in the bot. **Prefix db!, db!help** for all the commands available… **Add Me To Your Server!!!** --- # Here Are Some Of Commands Used In The Bot: db!info - Bot Information db!ping - Bot Latency db!uptime - Bot Uptime db!setup - To setup the bump db!help - Help Command **Much More Commands…** --- > Having Premium Will Allow You To Bump Your Server In The Premium Category & May More Waits…