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Prefix: J.

Jasmine Provides a fun economy and RPG game where you can fight Anime character bosses, win Anime character images, and fight with other players.

Jasmine A Discord bot developed by Mirabellier for fun. It contains a variety of commands from utilities, games to music commands. Available Commands: [✨] utility donate, emote, help, invite, ping, and more.. [🎩] economy activeitem, balance, beg, business, buy, and more.. [🎮] games coinflip, hangman, roulette, rps, scramble, and more.. [🎮] level background, leaderboard, profile, setinfo [🎶] music loop, nowplaying, pause, play, queue, and more.. [👹] rpg bag, battle, equip, market, profile, and more.. [📚] info avatar, botinfo, roleinfo, servericon, serverinfo, and more.. [📷] image manipulation blur, comment, glass, greyscale, invert, and more.. [📸] picture anime, art, cat, dog [⚙] moderation ban, kick, logging, purge, snipe [🤣] meme boyfriend, changemymind, drake, pooh, scroll, and more.. [🤺] actions clap, cry, dance, facepalm, glare, and more.. [🧩] fun 8ball, sphere, advice, allignment, love, and more..