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Par : Army_#2849

Prefix: e!

A bot with a downloadable logging system, which takes into account the messages and some events. Other commands moderation and members !

As soon as the bot arrives on your server it is strongly advised to create the channel of the bot with e!config channel create or see e!config (Only people with Administrator permission can create the channel.)*


  • Downloadable logging system
  • CBot configurable with an on/off system
  • Warn system that can be synchronized between servers
  • May block Discord invitation links and GIFs
  • Some fun commands
  • Member counter available, name can be changed
  • Message counter with a top system
  • Other content will be added over time, the bot is in continuous development and will be improved every day.

New! Static system with graphs that just appeared

  • Displays the number of people joining and leaving the server and gain people per day
  • Displays the total number of people on the server each day
  • Displays the number of people online, busy, offline, Do Not Disturb, and adds up all the values to make a total of the people connected to a server, all in a graph that renews itself every hour
  • The statistics system is still under development and new graphics will arrive, with more detail and better rendering later on.

The bot is brand new, you can enjoy all its performance while it is not too well known.

The bot can be modified to be improved by the community, on the Discord server for the support of the bot a channel is available to post ideas that come to your mind that could improve the bot. The more an idea will be voted, the more chances I'll do it but it will still have to be approved by me.

If you find any bug, either a small typing error or a big bug that could harm the bot thank you to come on the Discord server for the support of the bot to report the problem.