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Prefix: m!

Tags: #Fun #Jeu #Utile

Mubiaobai a pour objectif de rendre votre expérience de discord plus facile ou plus fun en vous donnant accès a plusieurs fonctionnalités gadget.


This bot will not play music or let you enjoy paper RGP ... However this bot let you make some cool command to make your life easier or funnier on discord. This bot is in progress any idea for future command will be greatly appreciated.


Bot Commands:

🤝 Teams

m!maketeam number_of_team

-> create random teams (up to 4 teams) with all the players that will add a reaction, give a role specific to each team



-> remove the role added by the command above



-> create team channel and move the team members in their respective voice channel. Team's voice channels can be moved.



m!button button_name

-> play a sound in your voice channel from the several extracts that the bot have.



-> print a list of the available button


m!buttonboard button_name1 button_name2 ...

-> create a custom sound board for your serveur

list of the available sound:

aplause, badum, cena, censor, correct, crickets, drumroll, duel, elevator, epic, excuuuse, fart, fatality, haha, honteux, kiwi, knock, lepers, lightsaber, murloc, nope, pegi18, poke, shindeiru, softrage, sparta, spawning, victory, villager, wow, wrong, ...


-> make the bot disconnect from your voice channels





-> print a link to invite the bot in your server



-> check if the bot have the permission it needs to works (all the permission asked may not be useful depending on the bot usage)



-> write a short comment under the last message. In the message each letter need to be unique !



-> print an help menu


🎮 MiniGames



-> be the first to click on the right emoji. let you wait latecomer or decide who will do what



-> For 3 to 10 players. Each player will receive a word by mp (you need to allow mp from guild members). The goals is to say a word link to this one but one player has a different word. At the end of 3 turns you will have to guess who had a different word

🎤 Moderator Commands



-> Fill the same role as the priority speacker fonction. By default it take the voice channel you are in



-> move all the members with the role by default move all the member



-> make a members moderator for mumiabai command



-> undo m!mod