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Utility Bot

Utility Bot

Prefix: u!

Utility Bot is a french and english discord bot who do anythings you want if it's in the ToS of Discord.

Utility Bot is a Discord Bot how do what you want want if it's respect the ToS of Discord !

I know do a lot of things !
Like :
-Music, play, clear-list, qeue, etc...

-Moderation, clear, warn, kick, ban, etc...

-Information, serveurs stats, user info, bot info, etc...

-Fun, 8ball, bird, cat, dog, etc...

-Utility, avatar, embed-builder, etc...

Utility Bot is a open-source ! If you want my github is here and the github of Utility Bot is here


Website: https://utilitybot.me

Dashboard: https://panel.utilitybot.me