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Dogee boi

Dogee boi

Par : Chirag.#0001

Prefix: !

The Doge Bot, it's a bot which does stuff. yeah some stuff. it has various categories of commands like games, mod, anime, fun, etc.

The Doge Bot is a bot made by Chirag.#0001 (Chirag.#0888), the main purpose of bot, is to make discord a fun place for everyone<br/>
What Does Doge do?
- The Doge bot does some serious stuff while being funni like
    - It has mod commands used by discord mods (oh no, time to run)
    - It has fun commands so that u can enjoy and u can also put ur friends in jail
- The default prefix is `!` which can changed via `!setprefix <prefix>` make sure that the prefix isn't a WORD
- Do !help to get the list of commands!
- Doge is getting new updates every day or two
- So what are you waiting for? huh? go it add rn<br/>

[Privacy Policy](https://dogebot.ml/docs/privacy/privacy-policy)<br/>