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Prefix: <

Tags: #Anime #Fun

Izumi is a bot made on 25th March,2021 and still under development.It is a multipurpose bot with fun and moderation,general commands.More coming soon! Stay tuned for more updates!

Izumi can execute a lot of image/GIF commands and help with basic moderation commands,execute some general commands and even talk with users! We will be bringing more varities of commands in future. 

» Please use <feedback [Your feedback here] to submit your feedback and help us improve😄.

» Bot language : English only for now. 

» Fact:

You can translate something using the chat command only. Example : <chat translate Hi to spanish. 

» Current Commands :- 

• <help for all commands list.

• <chat 

• <ban <user>

• <kick <user>

• <slap <user>

• <avatar <user>

• <help

• <ping 

• <invite

• <kitsune 

• <neko

• <nekogif 

• <cat 

• <dog 

• <cry <user>

• <feed <user>

• <poke 

• <smug <user>

• <baka <user>

• <tickle <user>

• <punch <user>

•<weather [location]