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Seven Souls²

Seven Souls²

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Seven Souls is a moderation bot / anti raid / utility / fun and economy almost completely configurable ! antiraid anti-raid protect security

Anti-Raid/Anti-Nuke features :

Configurable Anti-Mention
Configurable Anti-Links
Configurable Anti-Spam
Configurable Anti-Join
Configurable Anti-Selfbot
Configurable Auto-Delete
Configurable Auto-Role

Others features :

• Administration
Moderating your server has never been easier with our administration system.

• Seven Game
An RPG entirely playable on Discord with different commands to collect resources, attack, etc...

• Fun
Totally random commands to animate your conversations with gifs and more.

• Economy
You have at your disposition an XP system and a fully customizable economy.

• Utility
Our utility commands are there to assist you in your server with logging, suggestion, polling systems, etc...

You know very well what this part is for, only usable in NSFW canal.