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Prefix: ak!

AkkoBot the simple small bot, made for your servers!

AkkoBot Commands:

I won't list all commands, as I have to many! If you wish to see all commands just do: ak!help 

ak!avatar - Mention a user or run the command by it self to get your avatar.

ak!botinfo - This will display the bot information.

ak!changelogs - This will display the updates that has been made.

ak!feedback - Send something nice about the bot to Connor! :) (Be nice!)

ak!links - This will display all the links i.e Bot Invite & Support Server.

ak!ping - This will display the bot's latency.

ak!policy - Check what we store on our database.

ak!reportbug - If you spot something wrong with the bot, Just do: ak!reportbug [Then the bug].

Again I won't add all commands, But just do ak!help to seem them all!

Thanks! ❤😊