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Kanna ✨

Kanna ✨

Prefix: k.

Kanna is an Anime RPG and Economy Discord bot which you can play with it in your free time in your own discord server.


Kanna is an Anime RPG and Economy Discord bot ⚔️ developed by Mirabellier for fun.

Containing over 100+ commands!

🧡 Features:

  • utility: giveaways, urban, weather, youtube and more!

  • ❤️ anime: quote, anime, search

  • 🎩 economy: fish, rob, work, crime and more..

  • 🎮 games: hangman, scramble, roulette, rps and more..

  • 🎮 level: background, level, leaderboard

  • 🎶 music: play, loop, stop, queue and more..

  • 👹 rpg: battle, train, profile, market and more..

  • 📚 info: serverinfo, whois, avatar, servericon and more..

  • 📷 image manipulation: wasted, blur, invert and more..

  • 📸 picture: cat, dog, animepic, art

  • 🛠️ moderation: snipe, logging, addrole, removerole and more..

  • 🤣 meme: meme, drake, boyfriend, changemymind and more..

  • 🤺 actions: hug, smile, slap, kill and more..

  • 🧩 fun: love, joke, alignment, 8ball and more..

Note: To enable boss spawn, do k.redirect <#channel>

🧡 Links: