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Prefix: r!

Fwogo is a cute bot that focuses around **Role Management**! Join the Support Server if u want more help!

[Add me to your Discord Server!] (Https://discord.com/api/oauth2/authorize?client_id=894206500887748648&permissions=140928994368&scope=bot%20applications.commands) ================ == = ================================================ === == ============================================== ==== === ========

Slash commands!

rolelist - This will list all the server's roles! To

setautorole / deleteautorole - This will set and remove the auto role!

Add / remove role - It will remove and add a role to a user!

AND Many Many more Slash commands!

Vote For us! The Bots main Features and Commands

Reaction Roles

rradd - This adds a reaction role!

rrdel \ - This deletes a reaction role!

buttonroles \ - This will create a button role!

menuroles - This will create a menu role!

Utility / Other

Ping - Shows bot latency

Embed - Generate an embed for your commands!

botsuggest - Give a bot suggestion!

Report - report a bug!

Botinfo - Gives some info about the bot!


Help Commands Help Commands

Button Roles Button Roles

[Invite Me!] (Https://discord.com/api/oauth2/authorize?client_id=894206500887748648&permissions=4094020800&scope=bot%20applications.commands)